Real Handwriting! No Fonts.

Each letter is written by a real person here in the US. Set a template, select recipients, and customize any other details to make your handwritten letter stand out. Our handwriters then start writing.

  • The content of the letter is handwritten by a real person.
  • Our handwriters writing is exactly what you'd expect, personal.
Handwritten mail merge without fonts
Postmark Perfect Addressed Marketing

Postmark Perfect

MailLift actually ships the letters from your location. We have distribution all across America. The USPS marks each MailLift with your local post mark. This is some of what makes us the best option for businesses.

  • All mail is shipped First Class via the USPS
  • NCOA Certified (National Change of Address)
  • CASS Certified (Coding Accuracy Support System)
MailLift and Salesforce Integartion for Handwriting Mail

Salesforce Integration

Send a MailLift the moment a prospect moves up in the sales pipeline, create a direct mail drip campaign, or send a handwritten note when a customer hasn't made a purchase in the last 8 months.

MailLift and Salesforce Integartion for Direct Mail

All letters are written domestically by hand.

A little about MailLift

We built MailLift to make marketers and sales professionals lives a little more simple. We know other handwritten letter services exist. Most handwritten letter services work by allowing you to send a single letter via their web form(s). Like my previous business, any organization interested in operating at scale (let's say more than 10 letters/month), wants their handwriting service to save them time; not cost more time. We built MailLift for these businesses. MailLift is a tool that builds customer relations through emotional connections. MailLift is a handwriting service for marketers and sales people.

MailLift was first an API that would send a trigger to our handwriting staff. Then we became a web interface where you could visualize a handwritten letter. Today, we are building 3rd party integrations (e.g., Salesforce, Marketo, or MS Outlook) so you can send handwritten letters from your CRM!

MailLift started because of a need. Brian's last venture was renting homes by the night. He would write a real handwritten note and have it waiting for the guest at check in. Guests LOVED this. Even more, they loved Brian for it. After that company, a mentor asked him, "What would you have paid for in a heartbeat... saving you time and/or making you more money". His next venture was a dead giveaway. Welcome MailLift.

Fact: Brian Curliss, our CEO, requires each handwritten letter and handwritten envelope to be photographed, then verified by at least 3 sets of eyes before it goes to the USPS.

Mobile Analytics
Sending a handwritten thank you note or gift to a high value new customer or prospect can be a big delighter and can encourage word-of-mouth praise.
Jane Doe
Jimmy Wong
Senior Manager of Business Analytics at LinkedIn
This is a really smart idea! I would absolutely use this when building another company.
Really like what these guys are doing, creating APIs for the offline world we will see more and more.
Love this innovative idea! Great idea to amp up the ROI of direct mail.
Jane Doe
Jonathan Chizick
Thiel Fellowship 20 Under 20
MailLift is "Twilio for handwritten letters", automating personal touch in enterprise sales.
John Doe
Christine Tsai
Partner at 500 Startups
I was really quite surprised at how effective MailLift letters were for us. We use hand written notes when all else has failed, and get a great response. We will be using MailLift for a variety of campaigns, and for a long time!
Marketers are always trying to look for ways to get a % lift wherever they can. MailLift is poised to deliver...perhaps even create a new category.