Real Handwriting! No Fonts.

Each letter is written written by a real person here in the US. Set a template, select recipients, and customize any other details to make your handwritten letter stand out. Our handwriters then start writing.

Handwritten mail merge without fonts

Postmark Perfect

MailLift actually ships the letters from your location. We have distribution all across America. The USPS marks each MailLift with your local postmark. This is some of what makes us the best option for businesses.

  • All mail is shipped First Class via the USPS
  • NCOA Certified (National Change of Address)
  • CASS Certified (Coding Accuracy Support System)
MailLift Integartion Available for Handwriting Mail

Integrations with 100+ Apps

No matter what you are trying to use MailLift with we probably have an integration. Signup for a free sample letter and ask your Account Manager if MailLift supports your web app.

  • Most Integrations Take less than 30 Minutes to Setup
  • Complimentary Training w/ Select Integration Partners
  • RESTful API Available for Custom Integrations

Schedule an integrations call or learn more about integrations.

Customization & Add-Ons

MailLift's letter are completely customizable. This is another reason why we are the best option for creative marketers.

  • Drop in gift cards, business cards or stickers
  • Add books, t-shirts and most gifts with your letter
  • Add your logo (our default has no MailLift branding)
  • Add a custom branded box with your logo and swag
  • Have your letter handwritten with a MONTBLANC
MailLift and SalesforceIQ Integartion for Handwriting Mail

Salesforce Integration

Automate handwritten letters from Salesforce or SalesforceIQ. The moment a new opportunity is created or a prospect moves in the sales pipeline, send a handwritten note automatically and track the activity within Salesforce, Marketo and Pardot.

Schedule an integrations call or signup below and learn more.

MailLift and Salesforce Integartion for Direct Mail

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Letters are written by hand with your preferred style in our Austin, TX office.

All letters are photographed and checked by 2 to 3 sets of eyes for quality control.

Stationery and First Class Forever Stamp costs are included.

Pricing above is based on prepaid quarterly billing.

Single Letters

Self service letters start at $6
(the price of a Starbucks)

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Bulk Order

Bulk starts at 3000 per month.
Prices as low as $1.99 per piece.

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A little about MailLift

We built MailLift to make marketers and sales professionals lives a little more simple. We know other handwritten letter services exist. Most handwritten letter services work by allowing you to send a single letter via their web form(s). Like my previous business, any organization interested in operating at scale (let's say more than 10 letters/month), wants their handwriting service to save them time; not cost more time. We built MailLift for these businesses. MailLift is a tool that builds customer relations through emotional connections. MailLift is a handwriting service for marketers and sales people.

MailLift was first an API that would send a trigger to our handwriting staff. Then we became a web interface where you could visualize a handwritten letter. We are always building new 3rd party integrations so you can send handwritten letters from your CRM and web apps!

MailLift started because of a need. Brian's last venture was renting homes by the night. He would write a real handwritten note and have it waiting for the guest at check in. Guests LOVED the letters. Even more, they loved Brian for it. After that company, a mentor asked him, "What would you have paid for in a heartbeat... saving you time and/or making you more money". His next venture was a dead giveaway. Welcome MailLift.

Fact: Brian Curliss, our CEO, requires each handwritten letter and handwritten envelope to be photographed, then verified by 2 to 3 sets of eyes before it goes to the USPS.

I was really quite surprised at how effective MailLift letters were for us. We use hand written letters when all else has failed, and get a great response. We will be using MailLift for a variety of campaigns, and for a long time!
Delivering an exceptional customer experience is everything. Combining Infusionsoft's business automation with the personalized hand written letters from MailLift delivers a WOW factor to prospects and customers that sets our clients apart from their competition!
Sending a handwritten thank you note or gift to a high value new customer or prospect can be a big delighter and can encourage word-of-mouth praise.
Jimmy Wong
Jimmy Wong
Senior Manager of Business Analytics at LinkedIn
Marketers are always trying to look for ways to get a % lift wherever they can. MailLift is poised to deliver...perhaps even create a new category.
Using MailLift was 1/20th the effort of what we've done before, with 40x the return. You’re able to deliver such a personal message to exactly the right person in a human way, but what’s on your end is easy... It was ridiculously easy. I just said, 'Here’s our list, Here's our logo' and MailLift did the rest.
John Rode
John Rode
Sr. Director of Demand Generation at Preact
I've connected MailLift to my CRM software and scheduled everything to go out perfectly. MailLift makes it easy to stay top of mind with all of them on a consistent basis by mailing beautiful handwritten letters on my behalf. Maillift is my all-time favorite service for giving the personal touch to all the people that can refer more customers to me.
Really like what these guys are doing, creating APIs for the offline world we will see more and more.
Love this innovative idea! Great idea to amp up the ROI of direct mail.
Jonathan Chizick
Jonathan Chizick
Thiel Fellowship 20 Under 20
MailLift is "Twilio for handwritten letters", automating personal touch in enterprise sales.