Granite Reactivates 47% of Dead Leads Using MailLift

Granite was spending too much money flying sales reps to leads. They were concerned about how to cost effectively revive dead leads when they were already spending thousands on traditional outbound tactics. They knew that money would be better spent servicing their customers instead of trying to win new business.

Granite wanted to use creative marketing tactics to warm up dead leads.

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About Granite

Granite or Granite MEDSystems, a division of Granite Microsystems, has developed a range of engineering and manufacturing services to help medical OEM’s increase their return on investment for medical equipment and devices.

With facilities in North America and Asia, Granite offers the reach of a global company with the local touch required to accommodate successful product and project management. As a supplier to healthcare manufactures exclusively, Granite is built on a healthy, close relationship as the foundation for successful product realization.

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Revive dead leads using Granite's method: