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MailLift and Infusionsoft Integartion for Handwriting Mail

Infusionsoft Integration

Send a MailLift easily via Campaigns/Sequences in Infusionsoft. Create a direct mail drip campaign or send a handwritten note whenever a customer completes specific actions.

Learn how to setup your Infusionsoft integration here.

Customization & Add-Ons

MailLift's letter are completely customizable. This is part of what makes us the best option for creative marketers.

  • Complimentary Changes of Pen Color, Stationery and Writing Style
  • Add Gift Cards, Business Cards, or Stickers
  • Add Your Logo (our default has no MailLift branding)
  • Add Books, T-Shirts and Most Gifts with Your Letter
  • Have Your Letter Handwritten with a MONTBLANC
  • Add A Custom Branded Box with Your Logo and Swag

Real Handwriting! No Fonts.

Each letter is written by a real person here in the US. Go into Infusionsoft, create list and a workflow, customize what you'd like the letters to say, and our handwriters then start writing.

  • The content of the letter is handwritten by a real person.
  • Our handwriters writing is exactly what you'd expect, personal.
Handwritten mail merge without fonts

Join the 889 Companies That Trust MailLift

Letters are written by hand with your preferred style in our Austin, TX office.

All letters are photographed and checked by 2 to 3 sets of eyes for quality control.

Stationery and First Class Forever Stamp costs are included.

Pricing above is based on prepaid quarterly billing.

Single Letters

Access to our simple web app.

Self service letters start at $6.
(the price of a nice coffee)

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Bulk Order

3,000+ per month starting at $3.08.

Letters as low as $2.40 per piece,
& envelope only as low as $1.65.

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Postmarked From Your Location

MailLift actually ships the letters from your location. We have distribution all across America. The USPS marks each MailLift with your local postmark. This is some of what makes MailLift the best option for businesses on Infusionsoft.

I was really quite surprised at how effective MailLift letters were for us. We use hand written notes when all else has failed, and get a great response. We will be using MailLift for a variety of campaigns, and for a long time!
Delivering an exceptional customer experience is everything. Combining Infusionsoft's business automation with the personalized hand written letters from MailLift delivers a WOW factor to prospects and customers that sets our clients apart from their competition!