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Letters are written by hand with your preferred style in our Austin, TX office.

All letters are photographed and checked by 2 to 3 sets of eyes for quality control.

Stationery and First Class Forever Stamp costs are included.

Pricing above is based on prepaid quarterly billing.

Single Letters

Access to our simple web app.

Self service letters start at $6.
(the price of a nice coffee)

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3,000+ per month starting at $3.08.

Letters as low as $2.40 per piece,
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MailLift and Salesforce Integartion for Handwriting Mail

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Who writes the letter?

We interview and hire retired teachers and artists. These people have been practicing their art for years and they're very proud to put their work on display.

Are the letters really handwritten?

All letters, cards, and envelopes are handwritten and hand addressed by our in house staff. We use time to our advantage to create the most beautiful product for your recipients!

Who signs the letters?

We can send you a stack of pre-written and hand addressed letters that you can sign and mail! By default, we sign the letters before shipping them.

Does MailLift copy my handwriting?

MailLift's hand writers do not copy or forge handwriting. Each hand writer crafts your message in their unique style.

Isn't the price high?

We use the highest quality hand writers and stationery to craft a wonderful unique experience for your recipients. MailLift is most valuable when we are helping you reach, retain, or grow high value customers. Using MailLift means your staff is more focused on your customers and less on their penmanship.

Do recipients know it's not my hand writing?

We recommend that you send messages as a team (e.g. "Your Friend's at..") instead of as an individual. This keeps the message warm and personal and avoids confusion if the handwriting changes over time.

Can I be sure of the quality?

Each letter we send goes through a rigorous quality assurance process to verify accuracy, spelling, and legibility. We also scan every letter at 300 dpi before we send it and we can send those images to you for your final approval before anything goes in the mail.

Is MailLift HIPAA compliant?

We offer custom solutions for practices in need of HIPAA compliance. For organizations interested in HIPAA compliant direct mail services, Contact us for more details. We'd love to help improve your client satisfaction!

What is the turn around time?

We are always transparent about our current load and what we can handle. On small orders, our turnaround is typically one-two business day. We can handle much larger orders (1,000+ handwritten letters) as well. Big orders typically take 7 business days of lead time.

Can my team use MailLift?

We're building integrations with services like Salesforce to make it easy for your entire team to send messages with MailLift. Our API also makes it easy to add MailLift into your enterprise's software. Contact us for more details.

What if I do not have the addresses?

We can attempt to find a reliable mailing address for your recipient. This added services cost $1.50 per recipient. There is a $1.00 option for address verification for existing contacts.

Can I choose the hand writing style?

Absolutely! By default, we attempt to match up the style to your company's brand. You can always select from a wide range of handwriting styles that fit your needs.