Real Estate Handwritten Direct Mail Templates

Free marketing ideas, prospecting letter templates, and sales letter templates.

Designed by realtors for realtors to use in handwritten direct mail campaigns.

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Prospecting & Sales Templates Include:

• Asking for Referrals

• Changing Brokerages

• Checking in with Past Clients

• FSBO Prospecting

• Neighborhood Prospecting

• New Business Announcement

• Referral Letter to an Agent

• Referral Letter to a Client

• Referral Template for a Client

• Meeting Thank You

• Expired Listings

• Moving Offices

Direct Mail Sample Templates

Checking in with Past Clients

It’s hard to check in with your past clients or worse yet ask them to give you a referral without seeming like you are harassing them, but you can add personal touches in an easy and surprising way. This template frames out the best way to followup with clients after they’ve settled in by adding a small surprise element, which is more likely to add to your word-of-mouth and according to research, also increase the chances of reciprocating.

Changing Brokerages

This is an ideal time to reach out and see what's new in their world and refresh how they remember you. The key benefit to this template is that it uses your positive attributes to create an identity for the new firm, which they can now trust and refer friends too.

Asking for Referrals

We interview and hire retired teachers and artists. These people have been practicing their art for years and they're very proud to put their work on display.

FSBO Prospecting

It’s a tough job convincing FSBO owners to use an agent because they are trying to avoid losing the money to your commission. This template helps you show them how they are going to lose more money and all the out of pocket expenses they are going to have to incur irrespective of whether their house sells or not.

Neighborhood Prospecting

Every successful realtor farms, but most realtors struggle to make it the GAME CHANGER it can be. This template along with your research and the best practice tips listed below will get you well on your way to be successful at farming.

New Business Announcement

The key to a good announcement is to make it about the reader rather than you. Receiving gratitude makes people friendlier and makes their memories happier. This template will let you do just that while associating positive feeling with your big announcement.

Referral Letter to an Agent

Want to make sure your clients are helped and well taken care of? Use this template to give your contact genuine compliments, tell them exactly what your client is looking for and how they can help. No hard thinking involved!

Referral Letter to a Client

A good referral to a client not only refers but also let’s the client know why. Use this brief and simple template to make a strong referral to your client.

Referral Template for a Client

The hardest thing about getting someone to email or call their friend to refer you is often getting started. Either they don’t know what to write or they put it off because they will need to find all your contact info to pass along. So, if you can get them started with a with a pre-filled template they can tweak, you will see greater success.

Meeting Thank You

A thank you note after a meeting should build on their positive experience and reassure them. There are three important elements: build on your conversation to show you were listening, added value and social proof. This template comes ready with these three elements to help you make a strong impression.

Expired Listings

Expired listing is really hard on the home owners. They are disappointed and the last thing you need to do is promise to help them out just like their last real estate agent did. Best thing you can do to stand out is show social proof and add value. This template is already set up for that. All you have to do is fill in the blanks.

Moving Offices

Office moving announcements can be mundane and most clients won’t pay any attention. This template gets past the boring factor by turning it into a fun yet professional and a positive story.